Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to the Bishop's New Home

Apostolic Greetings, in the Name of our Christ:


I created this space in 2007 as a way to share some of my wonderful experiences, here in China. Little did I envision what it has become: a home for more than 60 blogs, and several new Ministries, like Rhoda's House.

I haven't updated the stuff here in a while. for the past 2 years sites belonging to "Blogspot", "Facebook", "Picasaweb", and "YouTube" have been blocked in China; so you can only view them through a proxy. I got one about 6 months ago, but my teaching schedule has prevented me from doing a lot of the writing I'd like to. When I created Rhoda's House, I figured I'd better "tidy up" a bit, in case some of you wanted to visit my pages.

At present we are not having English-language services at NanchangDestiny. Most of the people we ministered to were students, the majority of whom have begun to move to other cities. The building we called "The Great Commission Center" was shut down in 2007, after a raid by officers from the PSB. This only emboldened the brothers more, so that the Chinese-language house churches are growing by leaps and bounds. The pastors are branching out to minister all around Jiangxi Province, as well as neighboring Anhui Province -- and God is hopefully using me to reach out to Believers like you, outside of China.

I am certain that I will continue to report on the work here in Asia, even when the Lord opens a door for me to return to Ministry in the States. For me, looking back at how God has transformed my understanding of the need here in this part of the world, I can truly say that calling 2005 "A Year of Destiny" was prophetic beyond my wildest imagination.

I will try to be more diligent about updating this blog: ironically, I can edit it. even if I can't always see what I edit. I am sure you will tell me whenever there are things I need to repair.

I have taken over 7,000 pictures, since I came here; but for the moment I have reached the maximum I can upload without incurring an additional expense (there's a link to the ones I've already uploaded, on the right side of this page.) For those days when I can't get to my proxy, to talk to you by Facebook, you can always reach me by my other outside email addresses at and -- the HoTMaiL address being the one I check most frequently. Please stay in touch: the one thing I miss most is the fellowship with the brothers and sisters back home.

In His Matchless Name,

Keep the Faith
+Raymond Allan Johnson
Nanchang, PRC

Friday, February 23, 2007

WuYuan, Jiangxi Province

This place is often used as the backdrop for movies re-enacting scenes from the 1927 nanchang Uprising, and the beginning of the Long March.

But its most awesome feature is its serenity and beauty. Nestled in the bosom of a quiet mountain, serene waters meandering in its midst ... perhaps this was the one place where the "Long Marchers" could put their minds at east about the troublesome jouney that lay ahead of them.